Celebrate A Healthy 420! What Are You Doing?

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This post is for Corinne Tobias, founder of the ah-mazing Wake + Bake Ventures. I wrote the blog post you’re reading now to take part in her brilliant Wake + Bake Healthy420 Giveaway.

Origin Story

As the folklore is retold in the HuffPost, 420 became a thing at harvest time, 1971. A group of friends anonymously known as the Waldos set out to find a crop of marijuana plants a Coast Guard service member had abandoned near the Point Reyes Peninsula Coast Guard station. They were to meet after school at 4:20. Read Ryan Grim’s story here.

Over the years, April 4 (4-20) has become the Hallmark holiday of cannabis connoisseurs and fanatics.

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Wake + Bake

The business name is clever, catchy, and memorable. When you visit the site, don’t expect to see a bunch of slacker stoners asleep on the couch—and that’s why this site resonates with me.

As her business name suggests, she’s all about cannabis creations in the kitchen. There’s reliable information on infusing cannabis for use in edibles (coconut oil, butter, candy, coffee, and more!), topical salves, and tinctures.

Corinne’s sparkle—she offers guidance to living healthy through cannabis.


My 420 Celebration

April 20th lands on a Saturday this year! Killer. In Massachusetts, this is the first 420 to happen since the state’s first two dispensaries opened up to recreational sales. There are 9 events happening in Massachusetts, including a Cannabis Wellness Party, according to PotGuide.

I’m going to enjoy the day with peace of mind—without worry, stress, or pain, because finally, scientists and other experts have been set free to unlock all the benefits this fast-growing, historically significant plant has to offer. I may clean up my yard, work in my garden, and work out, and if it rains, I may get into a good movie or book.

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No matter what I do, I will improve my condition. My yard, garden, and body will be healthier, or I’ll be enlightened, provoked to think, and maybe both. I believe cannabis can be a performance-enhancing plant, and it certainly can be a gateway to wellness.

Our town is welcoming a dispensary and the tax revenue coming with it. For CBD, there’s Pure Vita, and the owner told me her most frequent customers are older adults looking for natural joint and muscle relief. Topical CBD salves keep them active and pain free.

Like Corinne, I enjoy continually improving my mental and physical health through diet, exercise, and lifelong learning. This 420, I’ll be living the best day I can.

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THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. In edibles, it must be created by turning the naturally occurring THC-A into THC through decarboxylation. Once eaten, the liver converts the THC into 11-hydroxy-THC, which is much stronger and longer lasting than inhaling THC.

Consuming 10-25 mg of THC will “loosen your body and create feelings of relaxation and bliss,” according to Leaf Science.

CBD. Joint pain. CBD salve.


CBD is one of many phytocannabinoids unique to cannabis that offers therapeutic benefits, according to Project CBD. It has none of the psychoactive effects of THC (you don’t get stoned, man) and offers a natural remedy to chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, and many other conditions.

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