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Successful general building contractors know what it means to work hard. Most start in the field as carpenters banging nails, move up to run projects as foremen, and then go out on their own.

construction marketing services

The last part is the most challenging because suddenly the back-office component is in their laps. Smartphones have streamlined working in the field and make ordering materials, communicating with architects and homeowners, and managing subcontractors much easier. There is now a wealth of cloud-based applications to make every aspect of project management accessible anywhere. 

The problem is—it all takes you away from building. And at the end of the day, you still need to find more work!

Gript Content brings projects to you

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Having a word-of-mouth marketing strategy can mean the difference between growing your business and closing its doors. Providing a consistent stream of quality, educational content increases your chances of ranking in the top of search engine results. People share what they like, and the more popular your website becomes, the more people will recognize you as an authority in your field and the best company to hire.

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If you’re still in business, you have something customers want. Is it your flawless craftsmanship? Is it your flexibility to work within homeowners’ tight schedules? Is it your reliable depth of go-to subcontractors? Whatever it is, Gript Content attracts potential clients with the good will you’ve already earned with past clients.

Serious general contractors have a business plan, and the ones who know how to grow their construction business also have a marketing plan. Get out of the lowest-bidder mindset and decide why clients will pay a higher premium for your services. That is why marketing a construction company is more than posting pictures of projects. You need to reach potential clients looking to do what your brand does and attract them to your company.

Keep your advertising dollars in your pocket

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Today’s consumers are inundated with slick advertising campaigns. Savvy buyers know companies are going to say flattering things about themselves, which is why they place more value in what others have to say.

Look at these numbers from Michael Silverstein, a senior partner at Boston Consulting Group:

  • 1 loyal consumer can generate 8x his or her own consumption through word-of-mouth
    recommendations to friends and family
  • 5% of your consumers directly contribute 20% of your sales,
    drive 80% of your total volume by their recommendations,
    and deliver more than 150% of your profitability buying
    products and services without discount and nonseasonally

Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth

The takeaway here is clear—get people talking about your company.

Why is content marketing the answer?

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Practical construction marketing ideas

By sharing high-quality, educational content that helps people do what they do with your brand—for free—consumers are more likely to trust you and regard you as an authority. Let me show you what I’m talking about.

This is my freemium to you. Take any idea you want and run with it.

To make my point—let’s say I own Gript Construction, LLC. I have a crew of five carpenters. I don’t do a lot of new construction, but my bread and butter is repair/maintenance, remodeling, and small additions, including decks and screened-in porches.

Blog-post ideas:

  1. Signs you have carpenter ants: At face value this may seem like a post for an exterminator, however, if the damage is bad enough, the homeowner may need a carpenter to repair devastated framing.
  2. Pro tips for winterizing your home: Focus can be on second homeowners who will
    leave their property vacant all winter or on owners with older homes who need added
    cold protection.
  3. Are leaves destroying your home?: Not many people inspect their home for leaks until damage is already evident. Thoroughly cleaning gutters can save a home’s foundation and prevent rot and leaks on the exterior.
  4. Make the most of small spaces: Everyone wants more room but may not be able to afford an addition. Provide tips for increasing space through creative built-ins and open-concept design.
  5. Maximize your closet space: Take advantage of all the space a closet offers with functional shelves and built-in storage.
  6. Ways to reimagine your bathroom: Turn your bathroom into a spa experience with open-concept design strategies and cutting-edge fixtures.
  7. Deck inspection checklist: Not all rot is visible. Provide a handy checklist for homeowners to inspect their decks for needed repairs and maintenance.
  8. Prepare your home for retirement: Many people are aging at home. Provide ways to remodel a home for senior living.
  9. Give your cabinets a facelift: How to repaint your cabinets like a pro.
  10. Ways to fit more storage into your home: Provide inspiring ways to create more storage space in every room of a house.

Why this works—simplified

With good local SEO, these blog posts will appear in search engine results done by people looking to improve their living space in my area. I can’t make a living repainting cabinets and hanging plastic wrap on old windows. Let the homeowners do that—with my online guidance. When they are ready to go to the next level, and get into projects they are unwilling or unable to handle themselves, they will remember the positive, helpful experience they had with my company. If I do the instructional videos myself, they will already know my face. Free advice, a free estimate, and extraordinary branding practices will not just close the deal but create a brand promoter. 

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